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About Innerbloom Horsemanship

At Innerbloom, our primary focus is on fostering the mental well-being of horses. Through our unique training approach, we strive to help horses develop positive thoughts and feelings, guiding them to become the best versions of themselves. This journey represents an internal transformation of self-discovery, growth, and blooming from within.

In our journey with horses, we prioritize developing a deep and authentic connection. However, it’s crucial to acknowledge that certain aspects of living in a human-dominated world aren’t native to horses. A bond, no matter how strong, does not fully prepare horses for the complexities and challenges of the human environment. We need to show up both as a companion and a trainer. It’s our responsibility to guide our horses in adapting to life with us.

Our approach involves breaking down outdated patterns and infusing new perspectives through a series of steps: release, relief, connect, evolve, enjoy; all rooted in gentleness and softness. By focusing on the mental aspect in groundwork, attuning to your horse’s signals and using body language effectively, we create a supportive environment for you and your horse to grow together.

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Through building confidence in our horses, we cultivate a trustworthy relationship that enriches both equine and human experiences

Whether you are on an advanced level of horsemanship, have just welcomed your first horse or you're a seasoned equestrian seeking fresh perspectives, Innerbloom is dedicated to empower you with the insights and tools needed to enrich your horse’s daily life and training experiences. Our mission is to make every moment with your horse a step towards deeper mutual understanding, growth, and shared joy.

Training with Innerbloom centers on how horses perceive themselves, their environment, and their interactions with humans. Our goal is to cultivate embodied, self-confident horses who find joy in the human world and are capable of approaching various situations thoughtfully. This serves as the foundation for a trustful and fulfilling partnership between you and your horse, opening the door to a world of mutual enjoyment and endless possibilities.

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