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Learning experiences

Bring your horsemanship to life

Learning experiences

Immerse yourself in the realm of equine wisdom to emerge as an adept companion for your horse. InnerBloom’s training style offers more than just skills; it offers empowerment that arises from truly seeing, hearing, and understanding your horse.

Transformative learning happens through immersive learning experiences, followed by a step-by-step approach. From multi-day clinics to personalized on-the-go training or adventures, all are provided with the theory and practical skills you need to progress, fostering a profound horse-human connection rooted in softness, mutual understanding, trust, and growth.

Combining transformative live experiences with online learning creates a dynamic pathway for consistently exploring and understanding your horse's needs and desires.

Discover various learning opportunities

Innerbloom offers a variety of learning experiences, including clinics, on-the-go training, and guided horsemanship adventures. Both in groundwork and riding disciplines, for groups and individuals.

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Engaging in day-long or multiple-day clinics offers a deep dive into the learning experience. Participate with your horse and learn from others in a supportive environment. Both horses and humans are recognized at their current level and are guided and encouraged towards meeting the specific needs of the horse.

This is ideal for those who want to immerse themselves in a specific theme and learn with and from others.

Feel free to reach out to explore various options, themes, and dates for booking a clinic at your accommodation. Working world wide on request.

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On-the-Go Training

‘On-the-Go Training’ involves learning in real-world scenarios, turning both expected and unexpected situations into valuable training opportunities. It sets practical goals, ensuring active engagement for both horses and humans. This approach is ideal for practicing your horse's regulation skills and fostering a deep connection.

This type of training suits those who enjoy nature, aiming to prepare their horse for versatility, confidence in trail riding or walking, and embarking on more extensive adventures.

Based on the focus of our session, I'll either guide on foot or bring along an experienced trail horse to lead the way. This can offer your horse added security and help foster positive associations, enhancing the training experience.

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Horsemanship Adventures

Multiple-day adventures elevate ‘On-the-Go Training’ to an advanced level. Whether from the ground or under saddle, we offer treks through nature for those ready to travel with their horses. This immersive learning experience combines theory, skills, and practice, enriched by stories shared during breaks and evening bonfires.

Available for individuals or small groups (up to 4 horses), I customize each adventure to align with your level and maximize learning opportunities. I will lead on foot or bring a seasoned trail horse for guidance.

If you’re seeking a learning experience intertwined with adventure, let's discuss dates, locations, and learning options. Together, we’ll define success factors for your journey to deepen your horse-human bond at every step.

Innerbloom Horsemanship Holistic Horse Farm South Africa Rewilding
Innerbloom Horsemanship Holistic Horse Farm South Africa Experiential Learning
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Rewilding at Holistic Horse Farm

In collaboration with Holistic Horse Farm, we offer rewilding and experiential learning within the horse herd, living free in South African nature.

Contact us for more information.

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One-on-one guidance

For tailored needs, private guidance is available upon request, with a minimum of two hours focusing on theory, training, and practical skills.

Interested in a one-on-one approach on a particular theme, (re)starting under saddle, on-the-go training with your horse, or seeking guidance for horsemanship adventures? Let's get in touch!

Innerbloom Horsemanship Horse training Herd bond
Innerbloom Horsemanship Horse Training water environment
Boost your horse

Horse Training

Occasionally, I offer opportunities for horse training at my private facility near ‘s-Hertogenbosch in Noord Brabant. My horses live on a basic paddock track system, in the midst of the human-centric world and located next to a nature park. The variety of learning environments provides extensive opportunities for training, including bridges, water crossings, traffic-heavy environments, and peaceful forest areas.

Having your horse trained ensures a faster learning curve, a solid foundation, and gives you the chance to learn from your horse. My consistent horsemanship approach guarantees that horses in training receive daily guidance and nurturing.

Owners are always welcome to visit or participate in training sessions.

A variety of learning themes for inspiration

Should you have a particular subject you wish to delve into, feel free to reach out. Together, we can create a customized program that aligns with your unique challenges. Additionally, we can explore a wide range of topics designed to enhance your connection and skills with your horse. For inspiration, consider the following learning themes:

Innerbloom Horsemanship Illustration Body Language

The unspoken language

An exploration into the nuanced world of equine body language, observing your horses unique behavioral patterns. You'll learn to communicate effectively in response, which will enhance your partnership and mutual understanding.

Innerbloom Horsemanship Illustration Bonding Rituals sleeping Horse

Bonding rituals

Deepen your bond with your horse through conscious interactions and hands-on exercises aimed at forging a deeper connection.

This journey of mutual exploration primarily unfolds naturally in your horse's familiar environment, such as the paddock, pasture, or arena.

Innerbloom Horsemanship Illustration self regulation

Self– and co–regulation

Identify your horse's stress patterns and provide guidance to assist your horse in self-regulation and/or co-regulation. Through hands-on practices and understanding the principles behind them, you'll learn to guide your horse towards relaxation.

Innerbloom Horsemanship Illustration Horse Training

Foundation for (young) horses

Emphasize the essential skills that horses require for a comfortable life among humans and to navigate the human world with confidence. This includes everything from basic manners, such as lifting feet, to confidently walking through narrow gates as preparation for trailer loading. All based on your horse's unique needs.

Innerbloom Horsemanship Illustration starting and restarting under saddle

(Re)Starting under saddle

A big step in your relationship that leaves a lifelong memory! With a deep connection established, and with you and your horse confidently mastering the essentials of groundwork, it’s the opportune moment to initiate saddle training. This applies whether you're introducing saddle training to inexperienced horses or restarting the process, always considering the horse's mental and emotional capacity.

Innerbloom Horsemanship Illustration Riding in connection

Riding in connection

Building on the strong foundation established on the ground, we aim to achieve a harmonious riding experience, for you and your horse. Grounded in mutual consent and connection, this phase forms the essential bridge between groundwork and riding.

For humans and horses seeking to further explore their connection and communication, we can delve deeply into riding without tack.

Innerbloom Horsemanship Illustration Beyond Riding

Beyond riding

Engaging and challenging activities provide fulfillment and fun for both you and your horse. Spending quality time and expanding skills, without the need for riding. Tailored to your and your horse's current abilities, I provide monthly challenges to master before progressing to the next step.

Innerbloom Horsemanship Illustration Freedom Based Training and True Liberty

Freedom of choice, true liberty

Embrace your horse's gifts on this journey towards true liberty. We work with a soft and gentle approach, learning to value your horse's choices while working in freedom. The concept of 'yes' only holds meaning when 'no' is also acknowledged as a valid option. This approach not only deepens your understanding of horse signals but also enhances communication and timing, making you a better horseman.

Innerbloom Horsemanship Illustration Adventure preparations - trektocht te paard

Adventure preparations

Embarking on adventures requires a solid foundation of connection and skills for you and your horse. Both of you need to know how to handle challenging situations. This includes everything from mastering precise leading in various environments and under different circumstances to comfortably carrying saddle bags. Take your horsemanship to the next level!

Book your learning experience with Innerbloom

Whether you're interested in hosting a clinic, starting or restarting your horse, engaging in on-the-go training, or experiencing guided horsemanship adventures, we offer personalized programs for both groups and individuals.

Are you looking to embark on a transformative journey towards a deeper connection, understanding, and enjoyment with your horse? Let's get in touch to discover the best path for you and your horse.

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